Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye.....to be known as GGCows (Gravel Grinder Celebration of winter solstice)

...updates in green italics as of 12/11/11
It has been decreed that on the 17th day of the 12th month in the year 2011 a metric FATbike century gravel grinder ride shall take place within the Red River Valley. Prepare to be heralded by your village idiot with details as they are released. Commence preparing. That would be a 100Km/66 mile ride, there is a 50Km/33 mile option available should you wish to go that route....I believe that would be a pun people..."go that route".....it at least made you shake your head I bet.

We are encouraging FATbikes, or BBWs (BIG BEAUTIFUL WHEELS), although, we realize that not all have advanced to this point in their life yet and are accepting of our smaller tyred brethren, or SBs (skinny b******).

YOU are responsible for YOU! This is a 100Km/66mile bike ride you are undertaking with the understanding that there is potential for severe cold weather health hazards.

Start (8am) and finish (TBD) will happen at The Ski & Bike Shop (1711 S. Washington St., Grand Forks ND, 701-772-5567). There will be a convenience store/gas station available at the half-way point (you will have to buy any items you would like so bring cash/card). At the finish there will be refreshments such as chili from Southgate Casino, Bar & Grill provided by The Ski & Bike Shop, hot chocolate from Early Morning Espresso, fruit, & juice.

Details (as of 12/5)

- Start time of 8am: The building will open to participants at approx. 6am.

- Early Morning Espresso is across the parking lot for those that need some 'pick-me-up-juice'.

- Stay together as a group for the first 4 miles, until we hit gravel....then it's game on!

- Amenities at the half-way point; this will be the only check point before you start the return trip so make sure you have enough liquids, food, snacks etc....suggestion: keep a FLAT/defizzed coke as an emergency energy boost.

- Route has been picked out; how the info will be delivered to you at the race is being refined. I am confident you will enjoy the route, the weather you experience may be a different story.

- Helmets are highly suggested.

- Front & rear blinky (headlight & taillight) are also suggested.

- Follow the rules of the road, you all have drivers licenses, so we all know the rules...riiiigghhht?

- This goes without saying; appropriate clothing, ie. headwear, gloves, footwear, socks, jacket, pants and so on....click on the previous highlighted link for ICEBIKE, it's an old site, but the info is still fairly relevant. Undoubted most of you have ridden in cold weather for an hour or two, for those that haven't and aren't 'for sure, for sure' what they should wear and carry as back up please ask/seek out assistance for your gear choice.

- GEAR: If you don't already have cold weather specific cycling boots such as the Lake MXZ302, platform pedals with power grip straps and cold weather hiking boots are the next best thing. They should be approx. 2 sizes big for your feet which will allow for an extra layer, or two, of socks......maybe even a chemical hand/foot warmer ; remember they need some air to work properly so they shouldn't be packed in there to tight.

- Pogies or a variation of such ;-) for your bike are ideal; heavy duty mitts are the next best thing.

- Frame bags, seat bags, feed bags, there are numerous companies, are handy for every day commuting and REALLY a necessity for distance (randonneuring) and/or cold weather cycling.

- Additional gear: tube(s), pump, multi-tool.

- Questions, comments, suggestions welcome!


5 ears

PS - This is just the beginning! This is a lot of work, just sayin'.


  1. The night before this is the FMCBW benefit show at the Aquarium in Fargo, so I guess I'll have to make sure i'm not in too hungover to hit this up. I'm spreading the word to Fargo folks.